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Voting round

43 votes - 41(97.6%) in - 1 out (2.4%)
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[Going straight out to Basco's place because I need to know if I'm on babysitting duty again or not.

At least I know how to open these doors. Sliding it open and going inside]

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[After spending so much time as either a woman or a snake, Joe is training again because he doesn't believe in time off, only time wasted]
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[There's a really confused Zangyack soldier who has his hair down because there's mysterious bruises on his neck]

What just happened?
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[He's at the usual training spot, but he's not doing anything. In fact, his sword and gun are on the ground at each side with his hands balled into fists]

Round two!

Aug. 17th, 2012 07:26 pm
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[Going to the cabin to locate Chiaki now that the first awkward talk is out of the way]
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[Sitting on the couch in the Pirate house living room. As per usual, the door is completely unlocked.]
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[Okay so I put this off long enough, going to go see the princess and get this over with.]
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[Because that's what distracted Joe's do. They go out and try to kill air like they haven't done enough damage yet]
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[You could find him walking from the direction of the showers. Hair wet & washed, new clean clothes, relaxed, and hasn't even gone home yet.]
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[I feel pathetic for doing this, but I'm definitely calling your phone]
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[Never before has calling a person been so hard, and yet here I am waiting for you to pick up]


Apr. 4th, 2012 11:27 pm
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[ Sitting in the living room. Life is boring when you actually finish your exercises in a timely manner.]
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Joe is at 5.2k & Eiji is at 1.5k

This means you get to ask me anything (because I'll never get around to it otherwise~! This can include relationships, personal questions, his thoughts, my thoughts, OTP's, What animal Eiji turns into, if Joe and Marvelous will ever do anything, Will Eiji actually touch any of the other Ryon's, Why is Gai Joe's type...... and things like that :|a I will ask questions back too.
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